Change is always good.

As a business change manager for Anthem, Inc., I spend a majority of my time working with people and using data to identify ways to improve business processes for more efficiency.

Change is not always easy, but it's always necessary for growth.

Professional strengths

I started my career as a project manager, supporting large client accounts like AT&T, Siemens and Mercedes-Benz USA. Over the past 10+ years, I have gradually transitioned from account management to business change management. This progression has allowed me to better understand client challenges and work towards more effective solutions.

Today, as a business change manager in the health care industry, my ability to work with people and use data to improve business processes has been critical to my success—always looking for ways to increase efficiency and strengthen enterprise business partner relationships.

In recognizing the power of data, I have become proficient in the process of capturing, analyzing and transforming data into action. My experience includes the use of marketing resource management (MRM) applications with a focus on workflow integration, custom reporting, team/role management and digital asset management.

Outside of work

One of my favorite shirts say, "Never Not Working". So, in my free time I enjoy working on projects for family and friends that use the right-side of my brain to satisfy my need to create.

Second & Lenox

Creating a brand identity for an online retailer creating handcrafted fashion essentials for today's modern gentlemen.

The view from up top

A creative experiment on Instagram capturing photos from someone 6'7" with a slightly different prespective.

Creative for Cause

Re-thinking how we support nonprofit organizations and prepare young aspiring creatives for professional careers.